ToughBuilt 25' ProBlade™ Tape Measure


The ToughBuilt 25' ProBlade™ Tape Measure with Blade Control features an accurate, easy-to-read 1.25” width blade with double-sided high contrast markings. With a robust nylon coated finish that retains strength and resists breakage and a magnetic hook that utilizes four-rivet construction with an underside reinforcement to withstand rigorous use, this tape measure is built for earnest durability. A prominent, forefinger-operated blade control button and ergonomic design give added stability while reducing hand fatigue and the sliding lock mechanism secures the blade for accuracy at any length. At 25 ft. in total, this tape features an Honest Standout™ of 11’ and includes a tether loop for effortless carry. The ToughBuilt 25’ ProBlade™ Tape Measure with Blade Control is engineered to meet the needs of demanding Pros.

Features & Benefits

  • 1.25" Wide Blade provides an Honest Standout™ of 11 feet

  • Blade Control Button controls speed when retracting the blade

  • Double Sided Blade makes it easy to read from any angle

  • Ultra Strong Magnetic Hook makes it stick to steel studs and other magnetic surfaces

  • Easy to read markings help minimize mistakes

  • Nylon coated blade for long life

  • Tether Loop & Belt Clip makes it easy to attach wherever you like

  • Ergonomic Grip reduces hand fatigue when used frequently

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