GMC Roofing Felt Underlayment


GMC Roofing Felt is an industry leading, superior quality “authentic” asphalt saturated organic felt underlayment.  All GMC products meet various ASTM standards.

GMC 15 D 4869 Type I authentic asphalt saturated organic felt underlayment is used as a breathable secondary weather resistant barrier when applied over the roof deck prior to the installation of the primary roofing product.

Features and Benefits

  • Required Note: (Approved underlayment is required to validate warranty on most all roofing systems.)
  • Compatible Recommended for use with roofing systems when ASTM D 226 is not required.
  • Easy to apply No special fasteners required. (Note: Plastic cap nails help seal around nail holes.)
  • Cost effective Convenient roll size, 400 sq. ft. coverage with salvage edge, minimizes job loss and excessive waste.
  • Permeable Breathable membrane to help prevent dry rot, mold and other structural damages.
  • Walk-able Natural non skid surface ideal for steep slope roofing.
  • Durable Manufactured for maximum performance.
  • Eco–friendly Organic dry felt is made from 100% post consumer recycled material and domestic asphalt from a local source. Note: (Leed points may be available)
  • USA Owned Jobs for local residents, good for the economy. GMC is a proud supporter of several national and and Operated local charities.

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