Simpson Strong-Tie® Driver Bits

Simpson Strong-Tie Company

New color-coded driver bits for easy size identification

Simpson Strong-Tie® driver bits are now color-coded to make size and type selection easier! Available in 6-lobe, square and hex drive, these new driver bits have color bands that make choosing the correct size for your fasteners a breeze. Our industrial-grade driver bits are specially designed for a secure fit with Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners and will outperform sub-standard bits commonly prone to cam-out and stripping.

Studies have shown that magnetized hex driver bits tend to collect metal debris inside the hex bit recess. This metal debris can cause poorly fitted or seated hex-head screws within the driver bit and can cause installation or screw driving issues. Simpson Strong-Tie hex driver bits contain a non-magnetized retainer ring that helps secure the screw head in the hex bit recess, allowing for a more secure drive.

Note: Undersized bits are designed for use with coated fasteners.

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